Laity Empowerment Academy – 2021 Leadership Development for AACI

Rev. Dr. Jacqui King, Lead Presenter  281.879.1040

Why Now?

What has 2020 revealed in our country, communities, and our faith communities?  The dual pandemic has revealed the pains and challenges for persons of color along with the fears of power dynamics related to systemic racism.

Laity Leadership Development (LLD) is crucial for all congregations.  As communities are changing, leaders must create bridges that are embracing missional needs, identifying assets, and expanding collaborative relationships.  The core outcomes provide innovative discipleship systems that highlight justice, economic development, educational witness, and relevant community transformation. 

The Laity Empowerment Academy (LEA) will identify practices to help leaders to create contextual ministry tools to support African American communities which are in rural, semi-rural, urban, and gentrified areas within the Texas Annual Conference.  Creating community collaborations between lay and clergy leaders will be fundamental within this learning experience.

When - Sessions will occur virtually via ZOOM

January through April:  Our Connections- Leading. Building. Engaging Strong Communities. 

  • Laity 2nd & 4th Saturdays at 10:30 to 12 noon – Jan. 23 / Feb. 13, 27 / March 13, 27 / April 10
  • Clergy 1st & 3rd Tuesdays at 10:30 to 12 noon – Jan. 19 / Feb. 2, 16 / March 2, 16 / April 6
  • Combined Sessions – (2) – Implementation / Praying / Follow-up – TBD with participants
  • Launch Lay Servants into Action with Pastors – develop preaching and mission tools for Black History Month and Lenten Season
  • Re-Launch with Ministry Action Plans (MAP)– New Seasons – Pentecost & Summer 2021
  • Willingness to learn and use technology within teams

Key Learning Topics

  • Connections:  Creating learning objectives, Courageous Conversations, and Prayer (January)  
  • Online Discipleship & Community Engagement (February)
  • Ideas to Implementation (March and April)

Virtual Target Learning Elements / leadership must be willing to learn and use virtual platforms:

  1. Courageous Conversations with outcomes: (view Sample Outlines to create general framework)
  2. Online Discipleship:  focus on developing discipleship systems to rollout for Lent Series 2021  (use booklet for online discipleship development)
  3. Engaging Community & Education Outreach: Share Our Stories from COVID-19, hurricane recovery, and outreach practices for various communities.  Use the tools to help leaders review their MissionInsite Reports and Member Relationships to identify 2-3 areas to engage in ministry virtually and face-to-face options in 2021
  4. Stewardship / Economics: Use Jobs Network to discuss ministry options to focus on community needs of economics, health, and empowerment
  5. Justice & Outreach:  Dismantling Racism and

Action / Commitment:

  1. Laity & Clergy Collaboration:  Focus on developing 2021 action plans for churches in the AACI
  2. Start Living:  Moving Again – development of online laity practices to design re-launch plans that are focusing on community engagement, developing discipleship systems, and economic empowerment; identify measurement tools to promote accountability practices which support contextual needs
  3. Leadership Empowerment / Equipping for New Leaders – Use Lay Servants to co-teach Spiritual Gifts / Dreams / Sessions need to be completed prior to June through August 2021 to prepare for Charge Conference Sessions

Get registered:

  • Email Frankie Watson at by January 12, 2021 – Provide your name, email, cell phone, church, leadership role, and ministry focus / what will you start in 2021?  What are you (3) key questions about Leadership Development and Community Engagement?

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  • You will receive an email confirmation with a Zoom link for your Orientation session on Tuesday, 1/19/21 for Clergy and Saturday, 1/23/21 for Laity; both sessions are 10:30 am through 12 noon