You might need more knowledge building in your ministry diet. 

Knowledge building and skills acquisition are practical, teachable tools that you can put in place in your ministry setting immediately.

Signs that you may need more knowledge building:

  • The last time that you learned something new in relation to your vocation was over two months ago.
  • It has been over a month since you have explored the topic that you are passionate about.
  • You feel like you are stagnant in your educational journey.


Don't worry. This is normal. 

Maybe you've hit a rut in your ministry because you haven't learned anything new recently. There are always new ways to apply the scriptures and other texts, and we want to help you learn more about what you are passionate about.

Check out our programs for knowledge building


Annual Conference – Our annual gathering of clergy and lay leaders from around the Conference. Learn More


Residency Program – The two year process for pastors who have just been commissioned, on the path to ordination. Learn More


Extension Ministry Breakfast – Every year, extension ministers gather for fellowship, learning, and time with the Bishop. 



Refresh – Refresh is an opportunity for recognition, resourcing, and renewal made available every five years to pastors in active service. Learn More



Strengthening County Seat and Strategic Churches – A 12 month peer learning academy for county seat and strategic pastors. 

Order of Elders/Order of Deacons/Fellowship of Local Pastors – Every year these groups gather for retreats, to learn and grow together.



The Gathering – Our annual retreat for clergy. Learn More


Itinerancy & Relocation – Every spring we offer trainings for clergy moving and laity who are saying goodbye and welcoming a new pastor. Learn More


Intentional Interim Ministry Training – Training for pastors to become interim ministers around the Conference. Learn More



Sexual Ethics Training – Per our conference guidelines, a face-to-face training is required of all clergy every four years.  The next training will be in 2019. 



Pre-Retirement Seminar – Every other year, the Center for Clergy Excellence hosts a Pre-Retirement retreat and time of learning.


See all of our clergy development programs and learn more about the balanced ministry diet.