January 13, 2021

Kirbyjon Caldwell, the former pastor of Windsor Village United Methodist Church was sentenced January 13, 2021 to 72 months in prison and a fine of $125,000 for conspiracy to commit wire fraud.


Texas Conference Bishop Scott J. Jones offered the following statement:

Since pleading guilty to the charge, Mr. Caldwell has taken extraordinary steps to repair the damage caused by his behavior.

During his sentencing hearing he offered an eloquent statement of remorse for his actions and apologized to the victims and to his church. The court was told about these efforts and his decades-long leadership in the church, community and nation. Despite these mitigating factors, the judge issued the prison sentence.

We continue to pray for all those affected including Mr. Caldwell, his family, the victims and the Windsor Village United Methodist Church family.

Pastor Suzette Caldwell is currently the interim senior pastor of Windsor Village UMC.


Grace and Peace,

Bishop Scott J. Jones