The purpose of an In Mission Together (IMT) partnership is to develop a healthy relationship between brothers and sisters in Christ across cultures through God's grace that is transformative and inspirational.

The IMT program equips, facilitates and resources you and your church in developing a collaborative partnership which builds strong relationships over the long term and enables you to share in the historic development of a mission of the United Methodist Church. 

The goal of the IMT program is to have honest and open interaction with your partner, carefully listening to one another as equal parts of the body of Christ. It's a sacred covenant between recipient and donor to support one another and participate equally and proportionally - 50/50 - in a ministry or project.

The goal of the mission is the establishment of a self-sustaining United Methodist Church with holistic ministries empowering people in their context, community and country.

The partners set aside their own agendas and create a collective vision for the ministry or project together. As with any relationship, each participant brings God-given gifts, whether spiritual, physical or mental, tangible or intangible, which will be honored and appreciated equally - 50/50 - in the covenant agreement.

This roundtable of listeners and learners embarks on a journey with a vision for the mission as a whole with God's help focusing not simply on the task at hand, but on the more significant impact of building strong relationships, empowering local people to improve their lives and develop their church.

For more information about 50/50 Partnership – In Mission Together please contact the Texas Annual Conference Volunteers in Mission Coordinator Christine Riggle at