Malaria—recognizable by early symptoms of fever, vomiting, and headache—is transmitted by the Anopheles mosquito, and can result in anemia, coma, and death if left untreated. Although malaria, a disease of poverty, is preventable, every year it kills 700,000 people, mostly children and pregnant women in sub-Saharan Africa. United Methodists are part of a worldwide effort to eradicate this disease by the year 2015.

For more information on the Imagine No Malaria campaign, visit the Imagine No Malaria website. To apply for a Malaria Control Program Grant (all UMCs and partners may apply) or for an Imagine No Malaria Grant (for African UMC health boards only), please contact Nyamah Dunbar, Deputy Director, Malaria Initiative.

Gifts to this program via UMCOR Advance #3021190 can make a big difference:

·    Provides medication to treat someone with malaria.

·    Purchases and delivers one insecticide-treated mosquito net.

·    Covers the expenses for an anti-malaria campaign in a local school.

·    Trains traditional birth attendants in malaria prevention and treatment.

·    $500 Provides all the expenses for a one day community leader training for 35-40 attendees on malaria prevention

·    is the cost of a motorbike for a community health team in Liberia or Sierra Leone

·    $4,000 purchases a year's worth of malaria laboratory test kits for all UMC clinics in Bo District, Sierra Leone

·    $5,000 supports a bed net distribution program targeting pregnant women and children in 20 communities in Liberia.

·    $10,000 purchases anti-malarial medications for patients cared for in a rural hospital in Nigeria for one year.

·    $20,000 underwrite a health board training for both annual conferences in Angola, to assist our church in developing a strategic community-based health and malaria prevention plan.

For additional resources about malaria, visit the Imagine No Malaria web page.

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