Hurricane Laura


United Methodists across the Texas Conference are watching Hurricane Laura carefully and preparing to help after the storm has passed and it is safe. Areas in our Conference are already being evacuated. Please do not deploy volunteers until the storm has passed and it is safe to help your community.



How can your churches help right now?

  1. Make flood buckets. The Texas Annual Conference Disaster Team has already sent flood buckets to areas that will likely be affected, but we will need more. For more information, contact Dr. Godfrey Hubert at:
  2. If your church has been trained in hurricane preparedness, please stand by for further instructions via our app.
  3. If your church has not been trained in hurricane preparedness, please contact Dr. Godfrey Hubert at: for a short training.
  4. All volunteers, please follow all COVID-19 safety guidelines including wearing masks, washing hands and social distancing.

Volunteers are all on alert and equipment across the state is being prepared with extra supplies coming in from churches.

Dr. Godfrey Hubert, Texas Annual Conference Readiness Coordinator said his team is always prepared and volunteers will be ready for deployment when it is safe.

“COVID-19 has will make cleanup a little more difficult,” he said. “But we are dedicated cleaning up and mucking and gutting homes while also making sure all of our volunteers are following COVID-19 protocols.”

Dr. Godfrey says that every congregation that designates a Disaster Readiness Coordinator (DRC) and his disaster team will receive training, guidance, Alert Media communication license(s), and be included in preparation and coordination.