Health is vital to support discipleship and early childhood education. We Love All God’s Children built wellness into its core, from developing free health screenings and exercise programs for children to creating food pantries for families and serving meals during holidays and summer break. Another priority is helping parents gain the resources to guide their families to better health and navigate social service agencies. Nutrition, medical care, dental treatment and vision are included in the program.

One in four children in Texas goes to bed hungry, according to a study from Feeding America. Food deserts are present in most of our backyards, and the most basic health needs go unmet for underserved children. In addition, mental and emotional health is also crucial for children, especially those facing trauma related to COVID-19.

Through We Love All God’s Children, local churches can meet some of the most critical needs for at-risk children, from providing immunizations to demonstrating the benefits of healthy meals.


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