Webinar: Saying Goodbye and Hello in the Days of Covid-19

This webinar was led by our Director of Clergy Excellence, Rev. Morris Matthis and Rev. Elizabeth Duffin, Associate Director of Clergy Excellence on the topic of saying hello and goodbye in to pastors in transition during these very unusual days.

As we know part of the rhythm of United Methodist life is the change of pastoral leadership which takes place every year on the first of July. Such changes will be happening in many of our churches this year. Our Annual Conference offers churches and pastors resources and ideas for making those transitions on our website at https://www.txcumc.org/itinerancy. But these days of social distancing present challenges to how pastors and churches say “thank you, we love you, and goodbye” as well as saying “hello and I look forward to getting to know you and being in ministry together.” 

We are all aware that in this present context almost everything we do in ministry must be reimagined and in some cases replaced with entirely new ideas. We are also aware that transitions are meaningful moments in the life of churches and pastors and their families. Our hope is that the information shared in this webinar will equip pastors and leaders to say goodbye and hello in the best possible way even in these days when Covid 19 is dominating so much of our lives.