Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that you should use when cleaning out a flooded home or when doing construction in a previously flooded home:

Muck and Gut

Eye protection (goggles MUCH preferred over glasses)

Tyvek suit

Nitrile gloves UNDER leather work gloves

Respirator (mask rated N95 or canister respirator NIOSH certified)

Hard hat

Closed-toed shoes



Eye protection (glasses could be substituted for goggles, though goggles still provide better protection)

Leather work gloves

Closed-toed shoes


We also recommend N95 masks, long sleeves and long pants, though not required. 

Volunteers will be in homes that have been flooded and mold could still be present, even if not seen.  Driving nails, etc. into studs could release mold spores into air.  It's always better to be safe than sorry.