Five Stars of Excellence in Christian Education

Sponsored by: Committee for Faith-Forming Relationships and Spiritual Formation & Texas Conference Christian Educators Fellowship

Five Stars of Excellence in Christian Education recognizes congregations in the Texas Annual Conference that are committed to effective ministries in faith formation. The program’s goals are:

  • to assist local congregations to make and grow disciples of Christ;
  • to encourage, promote, strengthen, and facilitate the growth of Christian Education and faith formation programs;
  • to connect Christian Education to the overall ministry of the local church and the connectional church.

This program is designed to help churches develop and maintain the following:

  • Mission statements and goals for the ministry area of Christian Education and faith formation  that reflect a connection to the overall mission of the local congregation
  • Involvement of clergy in Christian Education
  • Calling, Equipping, and Affirming leaders
  • Caring, Inviting, and Reaching Out
  • Providing resources and support for all persons involved in faith formation.

The Five Stars of Excellence in Christian Education program has three levels of awards:

  • The Five Stars of Excellence Award is given to churches that fully complete the criteria in five different areas. Churches should strive to achieve this award every year.
  • The Rising Star Award is a one-time award developed to honor those churches that are making a concentrated effort to improve, promote, and advocate for quality in Christian Education and faith formation but are unable to meet the criteria in all five areas.
  • The Shooting Star Award recognizes programs or events that are exemplary in nature.  This award may be received every two years.  Congregations must have received the Five Stars of Excellence Award the previous year and qualify to receive it in the current year.

The Five Stars of Excellence program runs from April 15th to April 15th each year.  All churches wishing to be considered for recognition should submit the completed application to the program Coordinator by Monday, April 30, 2019.  Awards will be presented at the The Texas Confererence Christian Educators Fellowship Luncheon (reservations required).

Please note that the criteria have been updated for 2019. Along with the completed forms, submit photos of ministries described in the application. Each participating church is encouraged to have at least one staff or lay leader become a member of Christian Educators Fellowship.  

Information Packet and Application Forms (PDF)


For more information or assistance, contact:
Lauren Bedevian, Five Star Coordinator
Memorial Drive UMC 
12955  Memorial Drive 
Houston, TX 77079