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Bishop Huie to Serve in Interim Role
in the Rio Texas Conference

featureimage1For the next eight months, Bishop Janice Huie will serve as the interim Bishop of Record for the Rio Texas Conference, alongside three other bishops filling the vacancy that followed the resignation of James Dorff.


National Training Propels Leaders Along Their Journey of Discernment
featureimage1A dozen clergy leaders explored new ministry options with TAC Director of New Church Development Rev. Jeff Olive at the New Church Leadership Institute. more
Meet the Texas Conference Mission Depot Staff
featureimage1 Executive Director Rev. Scott Moore is building a team to help manage the Conroe-based Mission Depot training and empowerment center focused on disaster relief.
Tutoring Program Provides “Helping Hand” to Local Students and those Displaced after Recent Tornados
featureimage1Edom United Methodist Church volunteers are providing much needed stability and encouragement to students needing "a little extra" help with academic challenges.more
February Brings Impressive Youth Ministry Trainings and Special Events
featureimage1Upcoming training events for youth workers will include insight from Next Generation minister, writer, speaker Jeremy Steele and a number of other UMC experts seeking to help the conference "Invest in the Young."
Memorial Drive UMC Members Experience Joy of Helping Two Families with Resettlement in Houston
featureimage1 Church members empathize with the plight of two refugee families by helping them establish homes in Houston.more
Conference Committee Prepping Spiritual Formation Resources for Local Congregations

featureimage1Under the impassioned leadership of Dr. Jim Reiter, the Faith-Forming Relationships and Spiritual Direction Committee is regrouping with new ideas and expertise to share in areas championed by the Center for Congregational Excellence. more

January 28, 2016
Best Communication Idea Contest 2016
The TAC Communications Committee is hosting a "Best Idea in Communications" contest and the winners will receive prizes.
February 6, 20
Disaster Ministries Early Response Trainings
February 12
Pastoral Internship Project Deadline
February 15-17
Elder's Retreat
February 17
Why Grace?
February 19-21
Celebration Women's National Conference
February 27
Relatives as Parents Conference
Houston Lay School of Theology February 20
Holy Spirit 101 led by Jack Levinson.
Events Feature Dr. Walter Brueggeman, from Perkins
View a lecture by Dr. Walter Brueggemann on February 1st in Galveston or Pearland.
Bishops Issue Report on Core Values
The Council of Bishops Task Force on Human Sexuality, Gender and Race has issued a report for members of the Council of Bishops outlining a list of seven core values.
New Staff at Lakeview
Fresh faces are on site as of January.
Ignite 2016 Registration Open
Ignite 2016 conference retreat weekends provide a spiritual ignition point for students.
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District Training Dates

There are more training dates scheduled for the coming weeks.
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