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November 11, 2021

School partnership with church has children reading

What does it take to be a good neighbor? Answering that question became a mission for members at St. Marks UMC in Houston. The quest eventually led the church to Clemente Martinez Elementary. 

Asking why drives purpose of one church

Change was already in the air when the Rev. Jeremy Wester was appointed to FUMC Rosenberg in February 2020. His role became walking alongside the congregation as they discerned where to head next. The pandemic actually accelerated the conversation -- and led the church in new directions. Today the congregation is poised for new possibilities, following God into the future.

Waller church serves up hope and Thanksgiving dinner

Even though her congregation at Waller UMC is small, Rev. Cathy Beasley had a big dream. She saw opportunity for outreach, a large building stood behind the church. “We have this most beautiful annex building,” the pastor explained. “I would walk in and just pray, God show us what we’re supposed to do with the building. I heard God saying, Fill it with children.”

HR 101 what I didn’t learn in seminary

Churches are a far cry from a corporation in many ways. Nonetheless, just like in any business, churches rely on employees to function. That means they must have human resource (HR) management for finding, recruiting, training and retaining employees, as well as administering payroll and benefits.

How to recognize ministry dreams

Imagine a dark cave, suddenly illuminated. For the first time, you can see that there are diamonds shining on the walls. That’s how Pastor Juanita Rasmus of St. John’s UMC in Houston sees each disruption in life – whether it is divorce, mental health struggles, a physical diagnosis or simply facing a future that no longer makes sense. Even in the darkest times, she explains, there’s potential for transformation, for strengthening faith. It’s how she thinks about her own bout with depression – and how she also describes the pandemic. “We’ve learned so much, but we haven’t mined it yet,” she said. “Now we have the opportunity to mine what is ours to keep.”

Other News


Billy Abraham, traditionalist scholar, dies

The Rev. William J. “Billy” Abraham brought a formidable intellect and vast scholarship to bear in helping to shape the traditionalist renewal movement within United Methodism.


Pastor helps churchgoers explore ‘The Chosen’

A United Methodist congregation in Sugar Land, Texas, is gaining new insights into the Gospel stories of Jesus, thanks to an eight-week summer study series based on the popular TV program, “The Chosen.”
Zoe Empowers has been named the winner of the 2021 .ORG Impact Award in the category of Ending Poverty and Hunger for their work to empower orphaned and vulnerable children to move beyond charity.

Online worship: God isn't different. We are

Many United Methodists now participate in worship primarily through digital means. We are tuning in to weekly livestreams of worship services or participating in digital-only worship experiences. Some wonder if digital worshippers are missing out on something.

Looking for a way to worship without leaving the house?

A number of churches in the Texas Annual Conference are posting sermons online.

You don’t have to miss a service if you’re out of town or if you prefer to stay at home. Viewers can also enjoy multiple preaching styles and even virtually “attend” different churches. There’s a lot going on Sundays in the TAC that you won’t want to miss. 

Sermons are often available to livestream on Sunday and several congregations also record services for on-demand viewing. Check them out at: https://www.txcumc.org/sermons.

We would like to include your church in this list. Please let us know if you are posting a resource online by sending a link to: communications@txcumc.org.


Churches in the News

United Methodist Churches are making headlines – leading the way through ministry, outreach and discipleship. Amazing stories about our local congregations in the Texas Annual Conference are popping up – and news publications around the country are spreading the word about UM churches. Read all about it.
Nov 12-13
This online Lead Like Jesus Encounter is a highly interactive and deeply personal workshop that challenges conventional leadership models and offers a practical model based on the greatest leader role model of all time, Jesus.
Nov 14
St. Luke’s UMC presents the world premiere of a new major work by Howard Goodall, Unconditional Love.
Nov. 16
FAM Houston invites you to premiere a new thirty minute video celebrating how their community blossomed this year. Tickets are required, but they are free.

Nov. 20
The Learning To Be: Immersive, with Juanita Rasmus will provide space for generating new ideas, dreams and visions or to reengage old ones that need new energy. 

Feb. 12
New class for 2022 Lay Servant School at FUMC Bryan, TX.  Must register by Jan 10.

Feb. 17
The vision of the Texas Ministry Conference is to provide tools and resources for people in all types of ministry and ministry support. 

Multiple Dates
Loving Houston has multiple upcoming workshops on Church School Partnerships & Leadership Gatherings.


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