Faith Over Fear

As my feet pounded the dirt, warm air filled my lungs. Sunshine danced through the trees. I sought clarity for a discernment conversation with trusted friends. While I ran I asked, “God, is it real? Is this change within me that I feel really real? Or might I be kidding myself and this is totally resurrection-imposter syndrome?”

A monarch flitted beside my cheek and joined my run. She hung out for a few strides then whizzed away. “It’s real. Trust me, it’s really real. I am the Resurrection and the Life—I’m making all things new.” To be frank, I think butterflies as a metaphor are 100% overdone. I find them super basic— honestly they kind of annoy me. And this is exactly how God has a ball. Choosing things I find annoying and transforming them into profoundly intimate signs of Christ’s healing balm and new life. Since that run, I’ve seen so many butterflies. They show up when I’m wrestling with a thing, wondering if God is present. Whether I am truly present to God. In this Easter season and COVID-19 suffering, I long for monarchs.

I look for signs that life is stronger than death, God’s presence knows no distance, and we are being transformed together. I trust God is growing new life while reminding us in remarkable ways that we belong to one another. May the Spirit give us strength to choose faith over fear, peace over panic, and resurrection moment by moment.

Rev. Hannah Terry is Community Pastor of Westbury UMC in Houston, Texas. If you are ever in the area, their congregation would love for you to worship with them.

COVID-19 has disrupted many aspects of our lives and impacted all of us. While the process of ministry is changing, the responsibility to help those in need has not. Please share these reflections from pastors around the Texas Annual Conference with your friends:

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