Voting is Worth the Effort


I plan to vote early to minimize health exposure, but I have just heard that the lines have already been long on the first day of early voting. Voting is very important, so I will wait in line as long as it takes. Helping others vote is worth the effort. Doing all of this prayerfully is crucial.

Our United Methodist Social Principles address this issue:

¶164 A) Basic Freedoms and Human Rights – The form and the leaders of all governments should be determined by exercise of the right to vote guaranteed to all adult citizens. . . .

¶164 B) Political Responsibility: The strength of a political system depends upon the full and willing participation of its citizens. The church should continually exert a strong ethical influence upon the state, supporting policies and programs deemed to be just and opposing policies and programs that are unjust.


Along with other bishops of the UMC, I encourage all of us to prayerfully discern which candidates to support, and to vote. In the words of Bishop Debra Wallace-Padgett, we should “do all in our power to ensure that every eligible U.S. citizen has accessibility to voter registration, mail-in ballots and convenient polling sites. The actions of voting and ensuring that others have the freedom to do the same are expressions of our faith and witness.”


Please pray. Please vote. Please help others to vote.

Bishop Scott J. Jones