Clergy/Spouse Day of Wellness
One of the biggest benefits of being in the TAC is the incredible Wellness Program.  One of the best in the country!  If you are new to the TAC or have never been able to attend the Day of Wellness - now is the time to do that!  The day is fun and informative - and you start receiving the $200 deductible discount the next year after you attend.  This is a huge benefit...since you receive the discount every year you are in the Group Health Plan from that point on.  Plus, the weight loss and weight management incentives are incredible.  We pay you to get healthy and stay that way!  In doing so, we at reap the benefits.  You only need to attend once.

Day of Wellness will be held at Bellaire UMC.  Registration is required.  Please call Nancy Slade at the United Methodist Service Center to register: 713-521-9383.