Bishop's Lay Academy on Evangelism
Bishop Jones understands there are special challenges and opportunities facing the black community, and is putting place some steps to help United Methodists receive the Holy Spirit's help in new ways. Bishop Jones is announcing the creation of the African-American Church Initiative: Transitioning Toward the Future. This initiative will consist of several components with the center piece being a local church consultation process and a Lay Academy.

Each district will hold an informational meeting about the consultation process that is intended for pastors and the lay leadership team from each African-American congregation in the district.

On November 9th at Jones Memorial in Houston the Bishop's Lay Academy on Evangelism will be held, where Bishop Jones will teach about the many ways God can use your church and you personally to reach your community. This academy is open to all who are able to attend and lunch will be provided to those who register.  There is no fee for this academy.

Please go to our website: to see the dates and times of the district meetings in your district and contact your district office to register. If you are unable to attend on the date in your district you can attend any session, but you must register with that district to confirm your attendance.