In 2005, The Texas Annual Conference began significant measures to address the need to prepare a new generation of leadership for the Conference and its congregations. In response to the need for gifted, young, diverse candidates for ministry, the Emerging Leaders Initiative was born. Beginning with persons at the high school level and continuing through college, seminary, ordination and early appointments, this initiative offers an ecology of programs and processes that highlight God’s call to ministry and offer innovative opportunities for the practice of ministry. We invite you to join us as we prepare the next generation of United Methodist leaders.



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Please click on the documents below to learn about the need for Emerging Leaders. Then click to learn about each of the component programs of the Emerging Leaders Initiative.


The need for Emerging Leaders

Texas Youth Academy

College Pastoral Internship Project

Ambassadors’ Grant

Advancing Pastoral Leadership


If you would like to speak with someone about participating in this initiative through your prayers or your gifts, please contact Rev. Deborah Hawboldt, 713-521-9383 or Click to email 



We now have hope for our future and faith that good things are going to happen. We had been a declining congregation, however, it is now the norm, not the exception, for people to walk down the aisle, commit their lives to Christ and join our church. It is very exciting and we can’t wait to see what is in store next for our church. If Jeff is an example of what this program is trying to accomplish, it is a success. –Dennis Hurta, Lay Leader, Westminster UMC, Houston on Jeff Powers, Senior Pastor (appointed June 2010).