Christian Social Innovation Centers

We Love All God’s Children is committed to working with Texas Annual Conference churches to cultivate and build partnerships with agencies and groups that are outside the church. 

We are pursuing pioneer churches in the TAC to work with as our first Christian Social Innovation Centers.

These Ministry Centers will focus/specialize specifically in the areas of Discipleship, Literacy and Health with underserved children between the ages of birth to 11 years old (0 – 5th grade). 

These centers will be an example of what a church can do in partnering with the surrounding community to change the trajectory of the lives of local, neighborhood children.

Church Requirements:

  • Strong pastoral leadership
  • Committed congregational support
  • Strong lay leadership
  • Established preschool (or facilities that are start-up ready for preschool)
  • The mission-field reflects an under-served population

Applications are open now through February 1, 2019 at if your church is interested in becoming a Christian Social Innovation Center. Invitations to selected churches will be sent to those churches, clearly specifying their role, responsibilities and deadline for their final decision on March 15, 2019.

For more information, go to or contact Rev. Jill Daniel, Director of We Love All God’s Children at 713-521-9383 or