The information on this website and in the benefit materials you receive from The Texas Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church (TAC) are designed to provide you with general information and the highlights of your benefits. The policies and plan documents below contain the most current legal descriptions of the plans. If there's a discrepancy between the information in your benefits materials (this website included) and the information in the plan documents, the plan documents are the official documents.

Plan Documents

Plan Document Subject
Standard PPO Medical plan option for active clergy and laity
High-Deductible PPO Medical plan option for active clergy and laity


Pension   Subject
Policy 101 Church Collection Process for Funding the Components of CRSP
Group Heath Benefits   Subject
Policy 101 Clergy—Personal Contribution Requirement
Policy 102 Clergy—Extension Ministries
Policy 103 Clergy—Part Time/Full Time
Policy 105 Clergy—Student/Pastor Personal Requirement
Policy 106 GHB Coverage for Clergy on Incapacity Leave
Policy 111 Church—Percentage
Policy 112 Church—New Start
Policy 120 Conference Center Employees (Laity) Enrollment
Policy 125 Conference Center Employees (Laity) Termination
Policy 129 Retiree Actively At Work Policy
Policy 130 Clergy Retirees and Surviving Spouses/Retiree Health Care Contributions
Policy 131 Conference Center Employee—Retiree/Retiree Health Care Contributions
Policy 136 Group Health Benefits for Employee Participants on Leave of Absence
Policy 140 Arrearage and Reinstatement
Policy 145 Adoption Policy
Policy 225 HIPAA—Privacy Act
Policy 227 Appeal Process