Pension Plans for Service Prior to 1/1/2007

If you had eligible service as a member of the clergy for The Texas Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church before January 1, 2007, you may be a participant in the following retirement programs.

Ministerial Pension Plan (MPP)

For service from 1982 through 2006: If you were a member of the United Methodist Church clergy between 1982 and 2006, you may have participated in the MPP. If you have an MPP account, it will continue to be invested and, upon retirement, you will still receive your full benefit from the MPP.

The Clergy Retirement Security Program replaced the MPP effective January 1, 2007.

Pre-1982 Plan

You may be eligible to receive benefits from the Pre-82 Plan (in addition to any CRSP and MPP benefits you’re eligible for) if you had eligible service before January 1, 1982. The MPP replaced the Pre-82 Plan effective January 1, 1982.

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