Your Humana Vision Benefits

Taking care of our eyes is a no-brainer—we smile with them, talk with them, and see into people's hearts with them. But did you know that regular eye exams can lead not only to early detection of vision problems, but also to other diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, and rheumatoid arthritis? That's why The Texas Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church (TAC) has contracted with Humana Vision to offer you a comprehensive Vision Care Plan. Enrollment is optional and the clergy or lay employee pays the entire cost of coverage (no employer contribution).

Who is eligible?

  • Active clergy and TAC Fiscal Office lay employee participants in the Group Health medical plan and their eligible dependents.  Eligible dependents of active employees may participate in the Humana Vision regardless of whether or not they are enrolled in the medical plan.
  • Retired clergy and their eligible dependents who are enrolled at the time of the clergy's retirement may continue to participate in the Humana Vision Plan.  Once retired clergy or their enrolled dependents terminate coverage in the Humana Vision Plan, they are not eligible to re-enroll at a future date. 

How the Humana Vision plan works

  • Humana Vision's Plan gives you access to more than 24,000 participating optometrists and ophthalmologists nationwide. You can find a participating provider at or by calling 1-866-537-0229.
  • You receive the same benefits at all participating providers, including wholesale pricing on frames!
  • You pay any required co-pay at the time of service. See a list of covered services.

Humana Vision plan coverage:


In-network provider

Out-of-network provider


 Plan pays 100% after you pay:

Exam with dilation (as necessary)


Retinal imaging

$10 copay



Up to $39

Up to $30 copay



Not covered

Standard plastic lenses



$15 copay

Up to $25 copay


$15 copay

Up to $40 copay


$15 copay

Up to $60 copay


$15 copay

Up to $100 copay


You may receive additional fixed co-pays on anti-reflective, scratch-resistant, and standard polycarbonate coatings.


$130 allowance, 20% off balance over $130

$65 allowance

Contact lenses



$130 allowance, 15% off balance over $130

$104 allowance


$130 allowance

$104 allowance

Medically necessary

Plan pays 100%

$200 allowance

Frequency options (based on the date of service)



Once every 12 months

Once every 12 months

Lenses or contacts

Once every 12 months

Once every 12 months


Once every 24 months

Once every 24 months

LASIK and PRK procedures

 See vision plan details

What services are not covered?

Some services not covered under your Humana Vision plan include:

  • Medical or surgical treatment of eyes
  • Orthoptics or vision training, subnormal vision aids or Plano (non-prescription) lenses
  • Replacement of lost or broken lenses, except at the regularly scheduled plan intervals

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