Life will sometimes throw curves at us—and in ministry, it can be the problems of others that cause us sadness or stress. We all have different ways of dealing with it. Prayer works for many of us. Some meditate or share with family or friends; others hit the gym.

But sometimes we need more than that. It might be a clinical issue like depression, work or relationship issues, substance abuse, or just a sense of being overwhelmed or out of control.

The most important thing is to reach out for help, and that's why The Texas Annual Conference (TAC) provides you with mental health benefits—a completely confidential way to help keep your life balanced and on track.

TAC provides three different programs to assist clergy in dealing with their mental health needs:

  1. 6-visit Employee Assistance Program (EAP) benefit at no cost to you or your dependents  (All TAC active clergy and dependents even if not enrolled in the TAC GHB Medical Plans; TAC Standard PPO and High Deductible Plan participants)

  2. Teladoc Mental Health visits, unlimited for both the TAC GHB Medical Plans (PPO) (Standard PPO and High Deductibles Plan participants) See Teladoc Benefit for fee schedule. 
  3. Unlimited mental health visits under both TAC GHB Medical Plans (PPO) (TAC Standard PPO and High Deductible Plan participants – see chart below for co-pays / co-insurance).

All TAC Group Health Plan participants are free to choose any or all benefits to address their needs. There is no requirement to use one category of mental health benefits before another.  All treatment is confidential.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Who is eligible?

  • All active TAC clergy under appointment (including part-time clergy and extension ministers) and their dependents are eligible for the Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

  • Active clergy do not have to be enrolled in a TAC Group Health Benefits (GHB) Plan in order to be eligible for EAP benefits.

  • TAC Fiscal Office lay employees enrolled in the TAC GHB medical plans are eligible for the EAP.

  • Under 65 early retirees and under 65 spouses/surviving spouse of TAC Medicare-eligible retirees are eligible for the EAP.  TAC Medicare-eligible retirees are not eligible for EAP benefits.

What are my EAP benefits?

The TAC provides an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) at no cost to you or your dependents through Aetna Resources for Living (ARL).  The EAP provides short-term, solution-focused counseling to assist individuals in maintaining optimal mental and emotional health.  You and your dependents will reach a caring, compassionate professional ready to help you start on the path to resolving any life issue.

The EAP offers completely confidential resources to support you and your family. Each family member can receive up to six counseling visits per issue each year at no charge.

When you contact the EAP, you will be asked a few questions to identify your needs.  If the issue is appropriate for short-term counseling, you will be given a referral to an ARL provider to begin counseling.  If the presenting issue is one that requires more intensive treatment, the EAP counselor will direct you to access your mental health benefits under your medical plan.

Call 1-800-492-4357 to schedule an appointment or for more information 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, 365 days/year.

Here are just a few of the issues the EAP can help with:

  • Marriage / family / parenting issues

  • Stress management

  • Anxiety and depression

  • Substance abuse

  • Bereavement

  • Work-related concerns

EAP Work-Life Services can assist with referrals for:

  • Adoption / Childcare / Elder care

  • Educational needs such as scholarships and financial aid

  • Referrals to community agencies

  • Financial needs, including a free 30-minute telephonic consultation for each new financial topic.  You can also receive a 25% discount for tax preparation services. 

  • Legal services, which includes a free initial office or telephone consultation up to 30 minutes with a network attorney for each new legal topic.  Participating attorneys may be retained for additional services at a 25% reduction of their normal hourly rate.

EAP provides Online Services at   

  • Username:  Methodists; Password:  8004924357

  • Hundreds of articles, guidebooks, webinars and other resources are available for topics such as emotional wellbeing, health, family life, small business needs, financial and legal issues, personal growth, and stress management.

For more information, see the Aetna Resources for Living EAP brochure

There is no cost to you or your dependents to use any EAP service!

Mental Health Benefits under the TAC GHB Medical Plans (PPO)

 Who is eligible?

Mental health benefits are available to all participants (active clergy, TAC Fiscal Office lay employees, under 65 early retirees, under 65 spouses/surviving spouses of Medicare-eligible retirees, and their eligible dependents) enrolled in either the TAC Standard PPO or High Deductible medical plans.

What are my mental health benefits under the TAC Standard PPO and High Deductible medical plans?

Under both medical plans:

  • Covered individuals can receive unlimited mental health visits per calendar year.

  • Some inpatient mental health services including acute care and residential treatment must be pre-certified by calling Apta Health at 1-877-610-8817.

  • Marriage and family counseling are covered under the TAC Standard PPO and High Deductible medical plans.

Standard PPO Plan

High Deductible Plan

Annual deductible (in-network)

Individual $1,000
Family $3,000

Individual $1,850
Family $3,700

Mental health (inpatient care)
(All inpatient care must be pre-certified through Apta Health. Inpatient care includes both acute care and residential treatment, if medically necessary.)

In-network Plan pays 80% after deductible
Out-of-network Plan pays 60% of maximum eligible charge after deductible

Mental health (outpatient care)

In-network Plan pays 80% after deductible
Out-of-network Plan pays 60% of maximum eligible charge after deductible

Mental health (counseling or office visit)
(no limit on the number of visits)

In-network $25 co-pay Primary Care or $40 co-pay Specialist; then plan pays 100%
Out-of-network Plan pays 60% of maximum eligible charge after deductible

In-network Plan pays 80% after deductible
Out-of-network Plan pays 60% of maximum eligible charge after deductible

More information regarding mental health benefits under the TAC Standard PPO and High Deductible medical plans can be found in the Schedule of Benefits and Mental Health Benefits sections of the Summary Plan Documents at Policies and Plan Documents.