Hearing well is essential for clergy and lay employees to serve effectively in ministry. A hearing aid benefit is available to eligible active clergy and lay employees of the TAC Fiscal Office once every three years. Eligible Group Health Plan participants will pay out-of-pocket and submit receipts for reimbursement.

Who is eligible?

Active clergy and TAC Fiscal Office lay employees who participate in either the TAC Group Health standard or high-deductible PPO plan and have not opted out of the Hearing Aid Benefit are eligible. (Dependents and retirees are not eligible).

What is the benefit?

Active clergy and TAC Fiscal Office lay employees who are Group Health Plan participants are eligible to obtain a hearing aid once every three (3) years for each ear if required. There is a $250 co-pay on the first $2,500 of total eligible expenses, including hearing exam and hearing aid(s). The participant pays a 10% co-insurance for eligible expenses that exceed $2,500. Usual, reasonable and customary allowances will apply. The calendar-year deductible applicable to your PPO plan does not apply to this Hearing Aid Benefit.

What is covered?

  • A hearing aid instrument, monaural or binaural, including ear mold(s)

  • Visit for fitting, counseling, and adjustments

  • The initial battery

  • Cords

  • Other ancillary equipment

What is not covered?

  • Purchase of batteries or other ancillary equipment, except those covered under the terms of the initial hearing aid purchase

  • Charges for a hearing aid that exceeds the specifications prescribed for correction of a hearing loss

  • Replacement parts for hearing aids, repair of a hearing aid after the covered warranty period, and replacement of a hearing aid more than once in any 36 month period

  • Surgically implanted hearing devices


Any licensed provider can be utilized in obtaining the Hearing Aid Benefit.

Filing a Claim

The Hearing Aid Benefit is provided on a direct reimbursement basis. The participant pays out-of-pocket for the cost of the hearing aid(s) and then submits the paid receipt and Hearing Aid Benefit Reimbursement Form to Boon-Chapman for reimbursement.

If the provider is willing to accept installment payments, please provide an invoice with the total cost of the hearing aid(s), the number of installment payments, and the amount of each installment payment. Individual installment payments can be submitted for reimbursement by submitting the receipt with the completed claim form to Boon-Chapman.

Opting Out

Eligible participants may opt out of the Hearing Aid Benefit by notifying the TAC Benefits Office in writing during the annual open enrollment period.