The purpose of the Conference Leadership Team is to implement decisions of the Annual Conference in accordance with the mission, vision and core beliefs of the Texas Annual Conference.

It will:


1. Make decisions between sessions of the Annual Conference consistent with the mission, vision and core beliefs and directives of the Annual Conference and consistent with The Book of Discipline.


In achieving this function, it will:

a. Consult with the Bishop, Cabinet, Trustees and CF&A in making appropriate decisions consistent with the Conference Rules and the Book of Discipline.

b. Identify emerging missional needs and deploy resources to

meet them.     

c. Recommend to the Conference Nominations Committee leadership changes for Conference agencies when needed.

d.Work with the Bishop to define and recommend Conference staff


e. Develop criteria and skills needed for Conference staff positions as a resource for the Bishop.

f. Develop criteria for those nominated to the pool of nominees for the Conference Nominations Committee.

g. Recommend changes to the Model for Ministry and Rules for consideration by the Annual Conference.


2. Have authority from the Annual Conference to hold Conference bodies accountable for action.


In achieving this function, it will:

a. Review the work of the Annual Conference in light of our core beliefs.

b. Develop Conference-wide measures of fruitfulness.

c. Develop criteria for congregational and clergy excellence as a resource for the Bishop.

d. Establish clear and fruitful relationships between local congregations, Districts, and Conference structures.

e. Hold accountable each Conference agency for effective, efficient, and fruitful programming while empowering Districts and local congregations for mission and ministry which reflects our core beliefs.

f. After consultation with the Conference Centers for ministry, the Core Leadership Team shall submit its annual budget request to CF&A.

g. Give definition to our connectional system of corporate life, witness and service.


3. Create a culture of accountability within the Conference by conducting an ongoing process of strategic planning, goal setting, and annual reporting to the Annual Conference.


Members of Conference Leadership Team