Lay Ministry Training Dates 

Certified Lay Ministry (CLM)

What Is a Certified Lay Minister?

A certified lay minister is a certified lay servant, certified lay missioner (or equivalent as defined by his or her central conference), who is called and equipped to conduct public worship, care for the congregation, assist in program leadership, develop new and existing faith communities, preach the Word, lead small groups, or establish community ministries as part of a ministry team with the supervision and support of a clergy person. A certified lay minister is assigned by a district superintendent in accordance with ¶419.2. (2016 Book of Discipline, ¶268.1

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CLM Group Consultation Meetings 

with CLM Consultant Rev. Dan Hoke and and Dir. Lay Ministries, Anna Rohde 

These meetings include a program covering educational ministry material, fellowship and question and answer period. All are welcome to attend. They are held on Saturdays from 10 am to 12 noon.

CLM Group Consultation Meeting Dates:


CLM Trainings:

CLM Module I: Connection for Ministry-United Methodist Theology, History and Polity

February 22 and March 7, 2020   

Kingwood UMC
1799 Woodlands Hills Dr.
Kingwood, TX  77379

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CLM Module II:  Practice of Ministry-Pastoral Care and Worship

March 14 and 21, 2020

Kingwood UMC
1799 Woodlands Hills Dr.
Kingwood, TX  77379

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CLM Module III: Organization of Ministry
Organization of Ministry

March 28, 2020

Kingwood UMC 
1799 Woodlands Hills Dr. 
Kingwood, TX 77379

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April 4, 2020

Greggton UMC
1101 Pine Tree Rd.  
Longview, TX 75604

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Certified Lay Servant (CLS)

Lay Servants are to serve the local church or charge in any way in which their witness or leadership and service inspires the laity to deeper commitment to Christ and more effective discipleship. This includes the interpretation of scriptures, doctrine, organization, and ministries of the church. Learn More

CLS Trainings:

Southwest District Lay Servant Training 

May 1-2, 2020 at Brookshire FUMC

October 16-17, 2020 at Faith UMC in Richmond



District Lay Ministry Directors

North District
Rev. Ross Hyde

West District
Natalie Patterson

Southwest District
Robert Johnson

Northwest District
Rev. Karen Jones

Lay Speaker:

Certified Lay Servant or person, with equivalent training as defined by his or her district or conference, who provides pulpit supply.  Learn More



Certified Lay Minister Application

Certified Lay Minster Annual Report

CLM Candidate Charge Conference Approval Report

Certified Lay Servant Annual Report



Anna Rohde, Conference Director of Lay Servant Ministries 
1101 Pine Tree Rd. 
Longview, Texas 75604  903-522-0490