Study to show yourself approved, a worker that need not be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth." 
2 Timothy 2:15

Purpose of a Short-Term Sabbatical

The purpose of a short-term sabbatical is the edification of the pastor, educationally and/or experientially for their leadership of the local church.  Short-term sabbaticals may be granted for the following or similar purposes:

·         Study in a particular area of pastoral or specialized ministry

·         Advanced degree work

·         Pilgrimage

·         Spiritual formation

·         Learning a new type of ministry or worship style

·         Writing and reflection on an intense personal or pastoral experience


Benefits of a Short-Term Sabbatical

The short-term sabbatical benefits both the congregation and the clergy.  This focused opportunity can offer:

·         Encouragement for longer pastorates

·         Support for the role of spiritual leader

·         Dedicated personal and professional development time


Application for a Short-Term Sabbatical


Complete an application form for a short-term sabbatical describing the purpose, scope and duration of the sabbatical.  Submit it to your D.S. and Staff Parish Relations Committee (SPRC) for their review, support and signatures.  Send your original, completed application with the signatures of your SPRC chair and your D.S. to:


          Short-Term Sabbatical Committee

          c/o Rev. Morris Matthis 

          Texas Annual Conference

          5215 Main Street

          Houston, TX  77002