The mission of the Center for Clergy Excellence is to serve clergy and their families so that they may equip congregations to make disciples of Christ for the transformation of the world.

A Word from Morris

According to a new study done by Virgin Media in the UK, the role children play in the traditional Nativity scene may be linked to their professional and personal success in the future. In this study, 2000 adults were asked about their role in Nativity scenes as children and researchers found these roles correlated with career, income, personality traits, and overall satisfaction with life as adults. 

So, think back. Were you the ox or an angel? Did you snag the role of Mary or Joseph, or were you the narrator? 
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Wishing you all a glorious Christmas from Clergy Excellence –
Morris, Elizabeth, Mark, Barbara, Patricia, Ayanna, Marianela, Bonnie, Nancy, Ivana, Jan & Lauran.

Sexual Ethics Training – January & February 2020

All Clergy & Lay appointed in the Texas Annual Conference are required to attend one of the five sessions being offered. Check out all the information about attending and register.

2020 Tax Seminars

TMF is again offering their seminars for clergy, and church staff or laity participating in the financial management of the local church.

College Pastoral Internship Program!

We are now accepting applications for the 2020 College Pastoral Internship Program! 
The College Pastoral Internship Project is designed to encourage a diverse group of gifted young candidates to enter pastoral service in the Texas Annual Conference, and to equip local congregations to identify and encourage persons with appropriate gifts and graces and a clear sense of call to commit to pastoral ministry, the Center for Clergy Excellence offers a pastoral internship for college students. Interns are sent to serve local churches for several weeks each summer. Interns receive a stipend for their work and connect with one another at orientation and reflection retreat gatherings. Host churches will agree to provide the interns with housing (if needed), mentoring, and a full range of exposure to all facets of pastoral ministry.

At the end of each summer, pastoral interns return to college not only with local church experience, but with relationships designed to sustain them throughout lifelong careers in ministry. 

Intern Application

In addition, we are seeking Host Churches in which our summer interns will serve. If you are a Pastor with the desire to serve as a mentor to an intern interested in exploring the ministry as a vocation, we would love for you to complete an application for your congregation to be a Host Church!! 

Host Congregation Application






Days of Wellness

Walking Program 

If you are not part of the Walking program and would like to be - sign up below. All Active Clergy and Spouses in the Group Health Plan are eligible for this program. You do not have to attend a Day of Wellness to enroll. Incentives range from $25 to $150 per quarter. You can purchase a tracker on the Virgin Pulse site and receive a one-time cost share discount of $7.00 from the TAC. For more info, contact Nancy Slade at

Join the Program 


Here are a couple of websites you may find helpful if you have not seen them before.
The Congregational Resource Guide - search for resources based on your congregation’s current needs – youth ministry, staffing, worship, etc.
Faith & Leadership - contains articles related to innovative ministries and also reflections on the current liturgical season.


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