Youth Minister - Bay Harbour UMC


Youth Minister at Bay Harbour UMC
Status: Part-Time, exempt
Date: August 2020


  • Mature follower of Jesus Christ, committed to the orthodox Christian faith and spiritual habits.
  • Demonstrated calling and passion for reaching and making disciples of youth.
  • Able to understand and articulate United Methodist theology and doctrine.
  • Experience, training/certification in youth ministry preferred, as well as committed to remaining current with trends and practices of effective youth ministries.
  • Proven leadership skills (develop Bay Harbour Youth Ministry vision, build teams, develop strategy, communicate effectively, work well with others, servant’s heart, self-motivated)
  1. Establish and communicate a vision and plan for Junior High and High School Youth Ministry that includes:
    • Making disciples of youth through small group study, large group worship, serving in the church, and missions.
    • Ensuring every Bay Harbour youth is meaningfully connected for care and spiritual growth. 
    • Reaching non-Christian/unchurched youth beyond Bay Harbour UMC. 
  2. Work with student leaders of the Junior High and Senior High to develop a curriculum for Sunday School, weekday Bible studies, and other discipleship environments. Ensure curriculum is Biblical, relevant, theologically sound, and establishes a strategic pathway for developing mature disciples.
  3. Develop and coordinate youth and adult leaders who are responsible for specific areas of ministry.
  4. Communicate effectively and consistently relevant information to the church, parents, youth leaders, and youth.
  5. Work with the Minister of Discipleship and the Youth Board to develop specific goals/measures for each of above priorities.
  6. Responsible for managing Safe Sanctuary chaperone obligations for all youth events within budget.
  7. Work with Minister of Discipleship and Pastor to develop and monitor annual budget for Youth Ministry.
The Minister of Discipleship is responsible for management and oversight.
The Youth Parent Board and Staff Parish Relations committee, as necessary, provide a sounding board for support and conflict resolution.
To apply, email letter and resume to