Social Media/Communications Assistant - Lakewood UMC


Lakewood UMC Social Media/Communications Assistant
The Lakewood UMC Part-Time Social Media Assistant will work in conjunction with the Director of Communications to create new daily and weekly content, engage with followers, develop new social media strategies, and further expand Lakewood’s digital footprint in an effort to further create and develop disciples for the transformation of the world.

Part-time, 12 hours per week, $15 per hour. Will meet with the Director of Communications in-office at least once a week on a day of the Director’s choosing. All other hours may be spent working remotely on updating, maintaining, and engaging with all of Lakewood’s social media platforms.

1. Social Media
-Work in conjunction with the Director of Communications to publish, promote, and engage with the community through various social media platforms.
-Meet weekly with the Director of Communications to discuss current projects and envision ways to push Lakewood’s social media presence forward.
-Develop engagement with the community specifically through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.
-Respond to comments and messages sent to Lakewood’s accounts on these various social media platforms.
-Creatively discuss and implement new strategies to further develop Lakewood’s digital footprint through social media.
2. Other Duties As Assigned

-Strong verbal and written communication skills.
-Ability to work closely with the Director of Communications.
-Capable of flexibility, multi-tasking, and versatility in the workplace.
-Experience, significant interest, and expertise in Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.
-Experience in taking high quality photos and videos that will be used across all of Lakewood’s digital footprint.
-Interest and dedication to learning major church software membership systems and their communicative abilities.

Please send all resumes and inquires to the Director of Communications by email: