Pumpkin Patch Director - FUMC Rosenberg


Pumpkin Patch Director

Purpose: to raise funds through the annual pumpkin patch in a way that develops relationships between FUMC, its partner organizations, outside volunteers, and the community at large.

Primary Tasks:
1) Oversee the planning, implementation, volunteers, and fundraising for the pumpkin patch 
    a) Serve as the liaison between the Pumpkin Patch organization and the church, before and during the Patch
    b) Track and report all sales and other financial details as required by Pumpkin Patch and the church
    c) Invite participation from a broad array of volunteers including church members, community partners, boy        scouts, key clubs, NHS groups, etc.
    d) Ensure the Patch is staffed by volunteers for unloading and open hours 
    e) Follow all policies and procedures regarding fundraising and volunteer work

2) Advertise the open hours and any events held in the Patch

3) Coordinate visits for local schools or other groups interested in touring the Patch

Broad Areas for Development:
1) Encourage and facilitate connections between partners and members of RFUMC
2) Explore connections with local businesses for sponsorships (such as photo booths, decorations, or specific     events held in the patch)
3) Create avenues for events and community connections to take place throughout the year

Skills and Attributes:
1) Logistics - this employee must be willing and able to maintain complex volunteer schedules, coordinate             setup and clean-up needs, track financial details, and pay attention to details.
2) Hospitality - this employee must be welcoming and friendly to our members, community partners, and                guests
3) This employee must be committed to the mission of the church.

Hours and Compensation:
1) $15/hr
2) Up to 240 hrs per Pumpkin Patch Season
  a) 5-20 hrs a week in Aug-mid Sept (prior to opening)
  b) Up to 40+ hrs a week in late Sept-Oct (while Patch is open)
  c) 5-20 hrs a week clean up in Nov

If interested, please contact jeremy@fumcrosenberg.net or (281) 342-3333