Office Assistant Part-Time - West District of the Texas Annual Conference


The position requires punctual support of office hours, which will be 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., Monday to Thursday. A lunch hour off is assumed in this schedule. As the position only involves a schedule of twenty (20) normal working hours, benefits (health insurance, pension) are not available for the Office Assistant.

The position requires representing the district, DS, and the Annual Conference to the churches and pastors in a gracious and helpful Christian manner.

The Office Assistant must be able to maintain confidentiality on appropriate matters relating to churches and pastors.

General responsibilities of the position will include:

·        Be the primary telephone receptionist for the district office.

·        Maintain the district’s website.

·        Send out district e-mails (announcements, prayer requests, meeting reminders, etc.)

·        Maintain information for the district directory.

·        Edit, produce, and mail the district newsletter using Adobe or Publisher (every two months).

·        Assist in producing district mailings.

·        Assist with computer data entry in Shelby.

·        Assist with filing district documents and reports.

·        Assist with other general clerical duties.

·        Assist DS and District Administrator in preparing for district special events and activities.

For more information email Debbie Keim