Director of Family Ministry - Clear Lake UMC


The Director of Family Ministry (DFM) is a CLUMC team member who employs creativity and innovation to develop a children and student ministry wherein persons from birth to 12th grade grow as disciples of Jesus Christ. The DFM will report to the Executive Pastor who, in collaboration with other ministry leaders, is responsible to further the disciple-making mission of CLUMC within the area of family ministries. The DFM will work collaboratively with other ministry leaders to provide children and students a strong spiritual foundation that grounds them in the Christian faith. A successful candidate will provide an appealing and fun-loving environment that builds a strong spiritual foundation into the lives of persons from birth to 12th grade. Ministry will include a collaborative approach between the Family Ministry team and parents/caregivers. This approach helps children and students become disciples of Jesus Christ while equipping and resourcing parents/caregivers to be their primary disciplers beyond the walls of CLUMC. This role calls for a committed individual who prioritizes his/her own personal faith journey with Christ, exemplifies Christian character, is teachable, and works well within the larger team at CLUMC.
▪ Bachelor’s Degree (Preferred)
▪ 3 years of relevant ministry experience within an urban or suburban context
▪ Demonstrated ability to enlist, equip, and encourage a growing group of volunteers in children and student ministry
▪ Building teams and fostering a spirit of teamwork throughout all areas of the ministry
▪ Strong upfront and interpersonal communication skills with ability to relate to children/students/families of various ages and backgrounds
▪ Skilled in teaching and facilitating lessons to persons of various ages and backgrounds
▪ Ability to facilitate opportunities for children and students to lead the congregation in corporate worship and ministry within and beyond CLUMC
▪ Expand the visibility and presence of CLUMC in neighboring CCISD schools and community
▪ Knowledge of physical and spiritual stages of child and adolescent development ▪ Mature knowledge of the Bible and spiritual disciplines
▪ Subscribe to the beliefs and practices of the United Methodist Church
▪ Prioritizes personal relationship with Christ
▪ A love for the bible and a consistent prayer life
▪ A heart for evangelism and mission
▪ Evidence of Christian character
▪ Emotional maturity
▪ Open and responsive to innovative ideas
▪ Collaborator
▪ Positive and fun-loving
▪ Innovative
▪ The ability to relate to people of all generations
▪ Provide leadership and oversight to the children and student ministries
▪ Recruit parents and volunteers into a collaborative leadership team that will work alongside the DFM to provide input, guidance, and support.
▪ Recruit, train, and retain volunteer teams to facilitate children and student ministry activities
▪ Plan and implement a dynamic age-appropriate programs that disciple persons ages birth to 12th grade. This will include (but not limited to) weekly Sunday school classes, midweek programs, social gatherings, summer camps, VBS, missions, and other relevant children’s and student activities.
▪ Actively seek to strengthen families by providing opportunities where parents and family units are equipped to lead spiritually, (e.g., parenting classes, family serving, etc.)
▪ Promote children and family involvement in the wider church
▪ Provide support to children, students, and their families as they navigate life’s challenges
▪ Ensure clear ongoing communication with parents, teachers, and volunteers
▪ Support the discipleship of children through activities and programs that see children within the larger context of the church, family, and community
▪ Actively seek to reach and engage children and students from the community
▪ Develop and manage the annual children and student ministries budget ORGANIZATIONAL EXPECTATIONS
▪ Healthy and respectful working relationship within the larger CLUMC staff team
▪ Adhere to CLUMC organizational policies and procedures, e.g., financial and Safe Sanctuary policies
▪ Establish and maintain positive, cooperative, and collaborative relationships with other CLUMC ministries, (e.g., music and fine arts, worship team, MDO, mission and outreach, etc.)
▪ Understands and promotes the disciple-making mission set forth in the CLUMC Holy Conversations report This is a full-time position and includes benefits. Please submit resume and cover letter.