Day School Director - Westbury UMC


The Director carries out the purposes of the Westbury Methodist Day School:
A. To provide an extension of the educational ministry of Westbury United Methodist Church (WUMC).
B. To provide ministry based upon the core values of WUMC: multicultural inclusiveness, grace, accountability, transformation and community.
C. To provide opportunities for the total development of each child: social, emotional, spiritual, physical, and intellectual.
D. To maintain classrooms where play and hands-on experiences are valued as the primary vehicles for learning.
E. To minister to families in our community who may enroll their children in the Day School.

Duties and Responsibilities:
I. Provide professional leadership for the school
  A. Be visible and accessible within the school/church community
  B. Address student, parent, teacher, and church concerns with discretion and sensitivity
  C. Facilitate prompt and professional communication within the school/church community
  D. Model appropriate professional and Christian behavior
  E. Advise and guide staff in best practices for educating children and meeting the school’s mission
  F. Prepare reports and meet with the Day School Committee including submission of annual budget for review and approval
  G. Prepare quarterly reports for the Administrative Board
  H. Prepare annual report for Church Conference
  I. Meet regularly with Parent Committees in the school

II. Manage all school operations
  A. Hire, orient, and supervise all staff: administrative and teaching
  B. Consult with Assistant Director on all areas of school management
  C. Coordinate chapel programs with church staff
  D. Approve and edit all publications
  E. Develop and implement a marketing plan for enrollment and admission
  F. Prepare the operating budget and report results and variances to the Day School committee
  G. Lead development and fundraising for the school
  H. Ensure facilities are maintained according to state regulations
  I. Work with church buildings administrator to coordinate capital repairs

III. Evaluate school operations
  A. Engage in annual staff evaluation including classroom observation
  B. Review teachers’ weekly lesson plans to ensure they align with curriculum and accreditation standards and meet the school’s mission
  C. Oversee student evaluation/assessment
  D. Ensure curriculum is up-to-date and meets the needs of all students and is implemented effectively in the classroom
  E. Schedule ongoing professional development opportunities for existing staff to ensure best practices
  F. Meet standards of TDFPS (Texas Department of Family and Protective Services) and Houston Fire Department
  G. Meets Safe Sanctuary standards and ensures that child safeguarding procedures are carefully followed and training is up-to-date for all staff and volunteers
  H. Seek accreditation with a national early childhood accreditation organization, such as NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children) or NAC (National Accreditation Commission)
  I. Develop leadership through program evaluation and professional development

Skills and Qualifications:
● Business/school management skills
● First Aid Certification ● Meets NAC/NAEYC Director criteria guidelines Education and Training
● Bachelor's Degree • Early Childhood Education or related field preferred
● Experience in early childhood education

• Administrative experience preferred Position reports to the Senior Pastor of Westbury United Methodist Church. Interested applicants should send a resume and cover letter to the Senior Pastor -