Communication Director, St. Mark's UMC (Pecore), Houston


St. Mark’s UMC is looking for a Director of Communication

General Description: The Director of Communication is responsible for promoting the events and ministry of St. Mark’s UMC.
Essential Functions

  • Communicates clearly and effectively the vision, mission and ministry of St. Mark’s UMC including on-going activities, special events, worship, etc.
    • Works with staff and volunteers to ensure that the website is up to date
    • Assembles a weekly or bi-weekly newsletter
    • Promotes events and ministries in the wider community through fliers, advertising and social media.
  • Develops new ways to visually represent the church’s identity within our web presence, other advertisements, in worship and around the campus.
  • Assists the pastor, staff and lay leaders in coordinating ministry efforts to effectively live out the mission and vision of the church by resourcing, encouraging creativity and giving honest evaluation of programs.
Core Competencies
  • Christ-centered: gives their best to serve others; exhibits humility, compassion and forgiveness; models Christian discipleship through the regular practice of spiritual disciplines.   
  • Creative: thrives in an outside the box environment; fosters and initiates new ideas, methods and solutions; is not afraid to learn from failure and adapt to new models
  • Organized: is able to effectively manage multiple projects and a full calendar, able to prioritize based on the mission and vision of St. Mark’s.
  • Servant Leader: generates enthusiasm in others; delegates routine and important tasks, decisions, responsibilities and accountability.  
  • Responsible and self-motivated: Able to organize and manage the workload and schedule; has a proven record of being punctual and prepared, works well independently and as part of a team.
Other skills
  • Excellent oral and written communication
  • Ability to utilize technology relevant to this position, e.g. personal computer (email, word processing, etc.), website management, online communication tools, design apps, social media etc.
  • part time- 7-10 hours/week (flexible schedule- presence required in the office on Wednesday mornings for weekly staff meeting and for occasional events) $10,000/year
Rev. Emily L. Chapman, Pastor
St. Mark's United Methodist Church
600 Pecore St. 
Houston, TX 77009