Part-Time District Assistant, Central South District, Houston


The Central South District is looking to hire a part-time District Assistant

Position Overview
The District Assistant will be a person of high character living Christian values.  This person will work no more than twenty hours per week under the direction of the District Administrator.  The scope of the work will focus on but not be limited to:

  1.  Answering the office phone and taking messages;
  2. Scheduling district meetings and coordinating district events such as the District Christmas Party, preacher meetings, congregational, clergy, mission and leadership team meetings;
  3. Handling all church and pastor files;
  4. Filing Charge Conference, Report Day and miscellaneous paperwork;
  5. Making copies and handling District projects as required.
  6. Managing our office supplies and needs.
It is a requirement that the District Assistant speak both English and Spanish fluently.  With the rapid growth in Spanish-speaking pastors and congregations the District Assistant will serve as translator for those meetings when part of the audience is English speaking and part is Spanish speaking.
Central South District – U.M.C.
1410 Lee St.
Houston, TX  77009
(713) 222-0117 Office