Support for Ministry & Innovation


Children’s Ministries

Children are born with an innate sense of wonder and faith that is real and authentic. As teachers and leaders our role is to provide a foundation of experiences on which children build a life of learning and growth toward a mature and vital faith.



Christian Education

Faithful discipleship is a lifelong journey. Christian education comes in many forms — traditional face-to-face class and Bible studies, small groups, online groups — and pulls from many places to find curriculum and other study material. Innovative leaders are constantly providing new models and resources.




Working one-on-one with a coach specializing in a specific field, clergy and lay leadership teams work to understand their unique mission-field, assess resources and opportunities for ministry, align outreach with community needs, and cast a new vision for the church to move forward.



Communications provides leadership for the Texas Conference in communication, public relations, and promotion programs.


Discipleship Pathways

A pathway is a uniquely Wesleyan framework assisting a disciple grow in his or her relationship with Jesus Christ in a systematic way.


Health Ministries

As United Methodists, we are committed to creating abundant health for all – a global connection striving for mental, physical and spiritual well-being.


Local Church

The local church ministers to persons in the community where the church is located, cooperates in ministry with other local churches, and to participate in the worldwide mission of the church.


Men’s Ministries

Helping men grow in Christ, so others may know Christ.


Racial & Ethnic Ministries

Strengthening the local church as they engage in developing disciple-making systems inside the church walls as well as in the community which it resides.


Single Board Governance Model

Many United Methodist churches are going to a streamlined form of congregational governance which is more effective use of our time and resources today.


Small Membership

Discovering ways to help the smaller church, in the Texas Conference, to realize their full potential through providing support, encouragement and resources.


Spiritual Formation

Prayer, worship, scripture study, receiving Holy Communion, service, spiritual direction and more are means of grace by which we open ourselves to the shaping work of the Holy Spirit.


Women’s Ministries

Ministry by, with and for women supports spiritual growth individually and in community, encourages them to be leaders and advocates and recognizes the unique needs that come with life stages.



Worship leaders includes quality United Methodist music, liturgy, and preaching resources for faithful and vital local church worship.


Youth Ministries

Connecting young people and those in ministries with young people to each other, to the church and to God.