Local Church


The local church ministers to persons in the community where the church is located, cooperates in ministry with other local churches, and to participate in the worldwide mission of the church. A local church can adapt its distinctive ministries and mission to the needs, circumstances, and culture of its congregation and the local community. Most individuals have their initial contact in the local church. Local churches are part of a bigger connection: a district, an annual conference, a jurisdiction, the General Church around the world.



These consultants specialize in assisting the Local Church.

  1. Steve Stutz - Forward Path Coaching

  2. Mike Bonem - Website



These demographics assist in helping the local church define and refine their ministry.

  1. MissionInsite - This is a tool to better understand and reach a church’s community at large. The MissionInisght tool integrates information about your congregants and visitors with demographic and analytical tools to help churches and pastors to solve their most complex strategic mission challenges.

  2. Benchmark - The Benchmark Project develops a benchmark objective which represents a composite of the upper percentile of growing, successful churches. Benchmark objectives are established for spending patterns related to programs, non-clergy staff and facilities.