The purpose of the Center for Missional Excellence is to provide and equip leaders who carry forth ministries of mercy, justice, and wholeness so that all persons, inside and outside the church, experience mercy, justice, and wholeness: emotionally, physically, financially, and spiritually.

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TAC Mission Project 2022

The humanitarian needs in and around us are beyond our individual ability to solve and yet collectively we can make a huge impact.  We hope that you and your church will support the TAC 2022 Mission Project.  This year we are inviting each local church and community to provide care kits for a broad community of recipients, victims of human trafficking, homeless and refugees. Please invite your congregation and community to be the difference. We are partnering with local agencies to ensure appropriate distribution; your prayers are welcome as we pray for God’s outpouring of love from the body of Christ, TAC.


 Mission Center

The Mission Center is the warehouse and “command central” for all things related to recovery in The Texas Annual Conference. It is located on 5.8 acres east of Conroe – outside of the typical hurricane’s path and with easy access to every major road artery in Texas to get materials to disaster sites quickly. The center warehouses all disaster response equipment and supplies and process relief kits for use in disasters in our region in addition to offering training and other resources.


TAC Mission Opportunities

Whether we are a few blocks from home or in another country, we seek to radiate the love of Jesus Christ and serve him with gladness. 


Laos Mission Initiative

The Mission Initiative program in Asia began in the early 1990’s with the work in Cambodia. Since then, Southeast Asia has become one of the fastest growing regions of United Methodism ever witnessed. 


The purpose of an In Mission Together (IMT) partnership is to develop a healthy relationship between brothers and sisters in Christ across cultures through God's grace that is transformative and inspirational

Local Schools
Local churches and all communities of faith must become better informed about the needs of the public schools in their communities and in the country as a whole.
Human Trafficking Ministry Opportunities

Human Trafficking is epidemic in the world and Texas is no exception. You are the Light!  It is time to shine into the darkness of human trafficking!

Winter Storm 2021
The recovery efforts from Winter Storm 2021 are still ongoing and help is still needed for many people affected from that storm.

Resources for Mission Opportunities

Helping the Homeless


Golden Cross