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Dear Texas Annual Conference Clergy,

As you know 2020 is the year our nation conducts the census. Leaders from all denominations and faiths around the country have been asked to encourage all other faith leaders to express to their congregations the importance of 2020 census engagement.

Volunteer Houston, a program of Interfaith Ministries for Greater Houston, a United Way Agency, has created a video for you to view. This video highlights 3 important aspects of the census: “Data,” “Dollars,” and “Democracy.” Data refers to the collected information from every resident of the United States. Dollars refers to the tax dollars each level of city, county, and state government receives because of the number of people counted through the census. And Democracy refers to the representation each of those residents receive because of their count.

In 2010, during the last census taken, estimates denote much of our state was uncounted. This means our residents didn’t receive the benefits that are so important to our state. Most often the persons who are uncounted are: persons under age 5, persons with low English skills, rural areas, Black, Latino and Asian persons and persons aged 18-24 who are away from home at college.

First, I invite you to take a few minutes to view the video. Although it was created from Harris county, it is applicable to all counties in the state. Secondly, as you are able, I encourage you to share this information and the need for all persons to be registered.

This letter has other links that may be helpful to you and your ministry as it relates to the 2020 census.


Bishop Scott J. Jones