You might need more capacity building in your ministry diet. 

Capacity building is our ability to come up with fresh ideas, tackle new challenges and frontiers, and brainstorm to overcome new problems.

Signs that you may need more capacity building:

  • You are facing challenges in your ministry.
  • You often see other people easily accomplish tasks in ministry that you would not know how to begin.
  • You are overwhelmed by the tasks on your plate.



You've got this. 

The normal stresses and strains of ministry can wear down your adaptive capacity, or ability to deal with new challenges. These changes can be difficult to process, but you can be prepared for them.


Check out our programs for capacity building


Advancing Pastoral Leadership – A five-year, cohort-based leadership program for pastors with at least 30 years of potential remaining service to the church. Learn More


Transforming Pastoral Leadership – A leadership development program for African-American clergy, currently in its first year. 


Vibrant Church Initiative – VCI helps churches discover and become what God is calling them to. Learn More


Coaches and consultants – Coaching is a part of many of our programs, in addition to being available through the Centers for Clergy and Congregational Excellence. For more information, contact the Center for Clergy Excellence. 


Abide – A program of spiritual leadership for churches worshiping under 50 people. Learn More



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