Board of Ordained Ministry

(Updated August 2012)


Clergy -Class 2016

David Brasher

Jonathan Bynum

Ted Campbell

Justin Coleman, Scholarship Chair

Christi Conway

Karen Dorris

Josh Hale, Conference Relations

Robert Glenn Johnson

Todd Jordan

Carolyn McCall

Jerry Neff, Vice-Chair

Jeff Olive

Silverio Sanchez

Linda Snow, Chair, Local Pastors and Associate Members

Laceye Warner

John Whitehurst

Shelli Williams, Registrar


Deacons-Diaconals - Class of 2016

Melody Kraus, Vice-Chair


Laity-Class 2016

Jan Floro

Rosie Johnsen

Judy McFarland

Ken Tielke

Monroe Walker


Clergy-Class 2020

Bert Bagley

Michael Bedevian, Treasurer

Carol Bruse, Chair

Janice Gilbert, Secretary

Bob Johnson, Psychological Officer

Kevin Otto

Carlos Phillips

Heather Sims

Rita Sims

Robert Stutes

Jim Turley

Keith Whitaker


Deacons-Diaconals -2020

Sunny Farley

Ann Spears, Chair, Order of Deacons


Laity-Class 2020

Oscar Garza

Deborah Hill, Lay Representative

David K. Johnson 

Martha Scott


Ex-Officio Members (with voice and vote)

Danny Barrett, Local Pastor Registrar

Jerome Brimmage, Licensing School Director

Alicia Coltzer, Residency Mentor Chair

Vicky Harris, Professional Certification

Nathan Hodge, Exploring Mentor Chair

Jeff McDonald, Licensing School Director

Stacy Pell, Extension Ministries Representative

Deborah Proctor, Chair of College of Mentors

Jim Crawford, Part Local Pastor Trainer

Jimmie Reese, Part Local Pastor Trainer

Meredith Wende, RET Chair

Marilyn White, Certified Mentor Chair

Doug Wintermute, Clergy Mentor Chair

Bobbie Maltas, Chair dCOM CN District

Linda Christians, Chair dCOM CS District

Bryan Harkness, Chair dCOM E District

Roy James, Chair dCOM N District

Chuck Weber, Chair dCOM NW District

Carol Turner, Chair dCOM S District

Robert Besser, Chair dCOM SE District

Marty Vershel, Chair dCOM SW District

Robert Stutes, Chair dCOM W District


Cabinet Representative

Lawrence Young, CS District Superintendent


Ex-Officio Members (with voice)

Taylor Meader Fuerst, Associate Director of Clergy Excellence

Shanda Levingston

Gail Ford Smith, Director of Clergy Excellence