Texas Conference Course of Study, Perkins Extension, Fall Registration open Until Aug. 10


Fall Registration for the Texas Conference Course of Study, Perkins Extension, has begun and continues until August 10. Courses being offered for part-time local pastors in this conference and other conferences include:  Bible I, Rev. Dr. Sunny Farley; Transformative Leadership, Rev. Tabitha Rankin; Worship and Sacraments, Rev. Kevin Young; Theological Heritage IV, Rev. Dr. Paul Barton; Bible V, Rev. Dr. Starr Bowen; and Theological Reflection on the Practice of Ministry, Rev. Dr. Ted Smith.  Application forms are available at district offices.  In the future, the forms will also be available on the conference website.  Classes are held at First United Methodist Church in Lufkin.  
The completed forms, along with the registration fee, are sent to Rev. Dr. Rita Sims, Co-Director.  For Texas Conference local pastors, the registration fee is $100.  For pastors outside the Texas Conference, the fee is $300.  Partial and full scholarships are available for Texas Conference pastors with a letter from district superintendents.  The Jim Killen Scholarship Fund has been established to help students with this fee.  Students need to obtain a letter from District Superintendents stating approval of the full scholarship.  

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