Louisiana Relief

Bishop Scott Jones


Recently, I received a note of appreciation I want to share with you. Louisiana Conference Bishop Cynthia Harvey sent “Thank you so much for the amazing ADDITIONAL gift to the flood relief efforts!  I am grateful for many things but I count you and the Texas Annual Conference Family among the greatest gifts.  Once again, the Connection is at its best!”
Bishop Harvey was responding to the second gift from you in the Texas Annual Conference to the flood relief efforts in Louisiana. We have contributed a total of $160,000 to our brothers and sisters there.
The relief efforts have been massive in response to the storm that has been compared to Katrina.
The Louisiana Conference has been a significant part of those efforts. While many organizations are involved, the Louisiana Conference has focused their resources to suppling “Windows, Doors and Floors to the lost, least and last.”
The information applicants supplied to FEMA has been shared with religious and social service agencies to try to catch those who might fall through the cracks in the system. The conference disaster relief teams are partnering with Habitat for Humanity to rebuild. Once again, the United Methodist are the last to leave when disasters hit. We are there to repair and rebuild alongside those in need so that we are in ministry “with” not just “to.”
The effort is ongoing. For additional information or to contribute visit http://www.louisianadisasterresponse.com.
I add my thanks to you for your generosity and your deep commitment to our connection both locally, nationally and throughout the world.  May God bless you.