Kenya Trip 2015 - Final Reflection


Now is the time to begin our journey back home. On the way back to Nairobi for the long flight home, we had the opportunity to visit a safari camp and see all kinds of African animals: lions, a cheetah, elephants, zebras, lots of monkeys, orynx and more.  Truly, a once in a lifetime experience.
It’s also a time to begin reflecting on the Zoe Project. It is abundantly clear to me that lives are saved, certainly the course of those lives are dramatically changed by introducing hope into otherwise hopeless circumstances. Bringing the orphans together to create a community and a sense of belonging that they have never experienced is a powerful beginning.  It is hard for us to imagine the hatred they have felt from others because they are the poorest of the poor in the places where they live. They have no one to turn to for help and no sense that anything will change. Zoe brings hope.
All that is needed from the rest of us is support and it requires so little. What these kids can do with a $20 grant is inspiring, makes me feel like a sloth.
So, most of us are leaving this experience with a sense of commitment to do what we can to encourage our home churches to support a working group. There are some real go getters in this team so I am certain it will happen. 
We also leave here with a new perspective on all the missions that we are doing. Are we helping or hurting? Are we enabling or empowering? Are we serving God or doing what comes easy to us? Bishop Huie often says mission is in our Methodist DNA.  I believe that’s true.
United Methodist love to do, to serve. It is one of the things I love about our church.  And I love the people who are willing to put themselves out in the world, in places that are unfamiliar and where they are not in control. It is often in those places that we learn to rely on God in a way that we don’t think we have to do at home.  My prayer is that we find a way to help those who support empowering projects such as Zoe to experience that same closeness and reliance to God.