Visit 6 - Sunday


Sunday – that means church. Reagan, the director of Zoe for Africa, invited us to his home church in a village about 1.5 hours from Maua. The distance wasn’t far but the road was a challenge - 1 mile/hour in some areas. It was worth the trip. A Methodist Church that defines hospitality. Wonderful music and preaching and a welcoming attitude that is an example to any church back home.

We returned to the hotel for lunch and to wait for a visit to us from a working group formed in January, 2014 and they came to entertain us with folk dancing and a poem by one of their members that had us all in tears. The poem was a dramatic presentation that included her question – “Who can I call father?” and “Who can I call mother?”  Our hands shot up.

She was so talented and performed with such confidence, it was hard to imagine her as a shunned orphan, driven from her home when her father died of AIDS and her mother was accused of causing his death with witchcraft. The uncles in her family kept her little brother and threw her mother and the two girls out to fend for themselves. Her mom is HIV positive.  Either because of that or in spite of her past, she has developed a powerful voice to speak for herself and other Zoe children

We all wonder where that voice will take her.

On Monday, we head to a safari camp to see what many people come to Africa to see. I am sure it will be amazing to see elephants, giraffes and the rest.  But nothing will be as memorable as Samson, Moses, Alfred, Susan, Margaret and the rest. 

Tomorrow - another day in Kenya.