Team Arrives Safely in Kenya


Bear with me Gentle Readers I am working on about 5 hours of restless sleep during the last 2 days. Unlike my fabulous husband, I have a terrible time sleeping on planes, then all my rhythms get screwed up and I can’t sleep once I get to where I am going. It’ll pass. Hopefully I won’t be too grumpy for my team members to stand. Speaking of the team, it is an extraordinary group. Many of them have been doing mission work all over the world.
One of our members, Scott has been to Kenya 9 times and is working with the Maua Methodist Hospital to try to provide resources from Houston.  You’ll be hearing about their experiences and perspectives as the week progresses. What I am really looking forward to understanding is what we may all do differently once we return home. Will we see things differently and approach our missions with a new sense of community building. We’ll see.
In the meantime, we are headed this morning to meet our first group of orphans and vulnerable children. You’ll be hearing their stories this week as well. I plan to send pictures – we’ll see if the internet holds up. Should be a great day ahead.

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