The Center for Clergy Excellence offers the Birkman Personality and Leadership Style Assessment to Conference clergy in order to help clergy better understand themselves and the people with which they work. The Birkman assessment does not measure skills and therefore is not a tool for annual assessment. Becoming aware of professional strengths, needs, and preferred work styles can help clergy develop effective leadership skills to better equip their congregations to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. 


What can the Birkman Method do?


· Identifies strengths, needs, interests and preferred work styles


· Facilitates team building, leadership development, and interpersonal conflict resolution


· Assists with stress management and balance between professional and personal needs


· Provides diversity awareness and appreciation to enhance ministry collaboration


What Color is your Birkman?  Discovering your Personality and Leadership Style




Birkman Assessment Fee

Birkman Coaching Fees

Residency Covenant (RC) Groups and Professional Disciplines (PD) Groups

No Charge


Clergy Groups

(CD Groups, etc.)

$75 per person*


Church Staff/Ministry Teams

$75 per person*

$100/hr. per coach plus expenses

Individual Clergy

$75 per person*

$100/hr. per coach plus expenses



*$75 Birkman Assessment Fee reflects the discounted Clergy Excellence Birkman Assessment rate and includes a binder with the individual’s Birkman Assessment Report.


Birkman Personality and Leadership Style Assessment Policies