Hurricane Beryl unleashed heavy rains and powerful winds along the Texas coast Monday, leaving more than 2 million homes and businesses without power. Streets flooded with fast-rising waters and first responders raced to rescue those stranded.

Once First Responders and officials have completed their search and rescue and secured the affected areas, we will make assessments to inform our response.

  • Be Safe – Be alert to hazardous conditions. Assume downed power lines are hot. Look up, look down, and look all around for anything that can cause injury. If you are not trained, please don’t hunch it. Homeowners can easily be revictimized by well-meaning volunteers who have not been trained. Keep in mind the number 1 rule – “DO NO HARM.”  Find a team that is led by an ERT or TXCDR trained leader and ask to serve under them.

  • Basic Needs –  Basic needs are defined by the name, “basic,” Please limit your contributions to the Amazon Wish List.

  • Muck, Gutting, & Tarping – When it is safe to move about the community, seek neighbors to help.  Limit your activity to homes that are owned by the family living there. No rental properties, please, unless it is to help a tenant remove and clean their personal property ONLY.  A Muck, Gut & Tarp checklist with tools and guidelines is available here.

  • Donate funds to help. Please give to the Disaster Fund so we may deliver funds efficiently and directly to where help is needed the most right now.

You may also give by writing a check to The Texas Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church.

Write “Disaster Fund” in the memo line of your check.
Place the check in the offering plate of any United Methodist Church

OR send the check to the conference office at:

C/O Treasurer’s Office
The Texas Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church
5215 Main St.
Houston, TX 77002

Please keep our churches, pastors and all those in affected communities in your prayers, and let us continue to extend a helping hand to those in need.

New Option: Text to Give

You can now use our “Text to Give” option. Simply text “DisasterRelief” to (713) 489-3630 and you will be asked to respond with your gift amount.

Please make sure your home, your church are secured, and look in on the elderly, persons with disabilities, and under-resourced around you. Further communication will follow as conditions become clearer.  If you have any questions or needs, please feel free to contact:

Godfrey Hubert, CDRC

Texas Annual Conference


      Donate Items on Amazon List                 Give to the Disaster Fund