Architecture and Construction Management



Bradley Doherty   

Bradley has worked in professional camp ministry for over 15 years. Currently he serves as the Director of Program and Ministry at Lakeview Methodist Conference Center. He has worked with Churches, Families and organizations who come to Lakeview to create experiences that focus on bringing guests a meaningful experience. That includes fostering meaningful relationships and intentional programming to create life-long memories. He is passionate about coming along side people and helping them take the next step in their faith journey.

Bradley received his Bachelors and Masters in Architecture from Texas Tech University. He has worked for Churches, camps, the Federal and State government, and private entities on large scale buildings. He can help Churches in initial schematic design. He can provide 3D renderings and models.      

Rev. Wesley Duncan 

Wesley Duncan is currently the lead pastor of First Methodist Alvin. Wesley has a love for the Methodist Church and strives to help churches adapt to ensure churches can relate to the next generation. Throughout his ministry, he has helped start new worship services, revamped the communication strategy, and worked toward helping each church he has served be the most hospitable church in town. He is not only a young United Methodist clergy, but his first love was architecture. He earned both a Bachelors and Master's in Architecture with a specialty in religious design from Texas A&M University, worked at a top Church Architecture firm in the nation, and is a registered architect in the State of Texas. Wesley would love to help your church design a new perception of your church to those in your community by strategically aligning your goals with new strategies.

Wesley remembers going to interview to design a new building for a Methodist Church one evening right out of college. What he realized was they were wanting a building that was already obsolete because that is all they had ever known. Most people don't recognize that church buildings have changed dramatically in the past 30 years. Most Methodist churches are built in such a way that it actually hurts their ability to do ministry in today's context. Wesley would love to help you create ideas for your next building project that take into account the bigger questions. Is our facility helping or hurting your church's strategy? How can a building project try to fix some of the greatest challenges that your guests have with visiting your church for the first time? How can we strategically enhance the church's perception that we are a church that is relevant for the next generation? Your building can either be your greatest tool to enhance your mission or your greatest hindrance. Make sure it is working for you and not against you.

Rev. Michael Peschke

Michael Peschke currently serves as the senior pastor at First United Methodist Church – Lindale, and throughout his 13 years as a pastor he has served congregations all across the Texas Annual Conference. Before becoming a pastor, Michael worked as a construction manager for new home builders and worked as a project manager and consultant for a property management firm in the Houston area. With a bachelor’s degree in Construction Science, Michael has experience in all aspects of construction and project planning and has used his knowledge to guide projects for the congregations that he has served.

Michael has led a congregation with a new building project that started from initial drawings, through a capital campaign, and to the breaking of dirt, he has guided multiple congregations through major systems upgrades (HVAC, plumbing, and electrical), he has consulted for congregations in our conference who suffered severe storm damage, and he is currently leading FUMC-Lindale through a complete master plan for their property. Whether your congregation needs a consultant to help them discern how to proceed with a project, or whether you need help with guidance with contractors, or if you need help envisioning a possible change in facilities, then Michael is willing to serve.