Appointment Announcements

One of the traditions of annual conference sessions is ‘the fixing of appointments’ by the presiding Bishop. While in days past, this was when and where pastors and churches learned about these appointments, the electronic age has taken away a lot of that suspense. However, it is still a key part of our business. The appointment year begins on July 1 and the following link is a listing of these clergy appointments that were officially set in the Sending Forth Service on June 1. 


Bishop Scott J. Jones announces the following appointments:

January 1, 2022

Cindy Serio from Ext. Min.- Mosaic to Retired

Mary Tumulty from Conroe, First Associate to Retired

Bobbi Maltas from Brenham, First to Ext. Min–We Love All God’s Children

Mike Lindstrom from Conroe, First Associate to Brenham, First

Benny Smith from unappointed to Orange, Wesley UMC (LS)

Kelly Sharpton from unappointed to Deweyville UMC (LS)

John Thomas from Troup UMC/Walnut Grove UMC to Troup UMC/Dialville UMC

Angella Nicherson from unappointed to Stonehameville UMC(LS)

Arlo Roberson from Lee Chapel/Lee Tabernacle to Lee Tabernacle (LS)

Walter Franklin from Stonehamville UMC to Lee Chapel

Veronda Flanagan from Jones Memorial (PL) to Jones Memorial (FL)

Arisbel Luna from Cuban Methodist Church to Cypress UMC, Associate

Tammy Woodard from Bullard, First Associate to unappointed


February 1, 2022

Colin Bagby from Memorial Drive, Associate to Houston, St. Luke’s, Associate

Keefe Cropper from Medical Leave to Retired


(LS) Lay Supply

(CLM) Certified Lay Minister