Appointment Announcements

One of the traditions of annual conference sessions is ‘the fixing of appointments’ by the presiding Bishop. While in days past, this was when and where pastors and churches learned about these appointments, the electronic age has taken away a lot of that suspense. However, it is still a key part of our business. The appointment year begins on July 1 and the following link is a listing of these clergy appointments that were officially set in the Sending Forth Service of the 2022 Session of the Texas Annual Conference. 

Bishop Scott J. Jones announces the following appointments (as of June 22, 2022):

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We also celebrate the ministries and bless the retirements of our Retiree Class recognized at TAC 2022. 

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May 1


Bryan Jody from Bellville Assoc. to College Station A&M Assoc.

Kyle Abshire from unappointed to Bellville First Assoc. 

June 1

Out of Conference

Clayton Smallwood from Houston Lakewood Associate to Rio Texas Conference

Central South

Sylvia Kiboko from unappointed to Houston First

July 1

Central South

Lance Richards from out of conference to Houston First

Emmanuel Afful from out of conference to West University Assoc.  

Trey Comstock from Palestine Grace to Houston Servants of Christ

Yesly Antu from unappointed to Houston St. Lukes

Katy Sabayrac from unappointed to Houston Westbury Assoc.  


Mark Pedersen from Winterfield to Marlin First /Cedar Springs

Mark Porterfield from Thorndale Friendship/Pleasant Retreat to Cameron First

Madison Garcia from Lufkin First Associate to Brenham First Assoc.  

Scott Moore from Extension Ministry to Huntsville Wesley

Kefentse Risher from Huntsville, St. Pauls/ Pleasant Grove to College Station First

Tabitha Mock from TJC Wesley Foundation/Hawkins/Johnson Chapel/Brock Chapel to Huntsville, St. Pauls/Pleasant Grove

Doug Wintermute from Jacksonville First to Huntsville First

DeAnn Johnson from out of conference to Friendship/Pleasant Retreat, Thorndale


Sandra Allison from Wallis/Orchard to Athens First Assoc. 

Brandy Stevens from Tyler Fairwood to Tyler Marvin Assoc.  

Kimberly Carney from Huntsville Wesley to Tyler Fairwood

Jacob Joiner from unappointed to Tyler Marvin Assoc.  

Geoff Lightsey from Cameron First to Palestine First

Patrick Evans from Texarkana Hardy to Jacksonville First

Richard Luna from Tyler Pleasant Retreat to Tyler Pollard

Sunny Farley from Noonday/Tyler First to Noonday/Bascom

Seneca Henderson (LS) from unappointed to Tyler First

Jimmy Calvert from Onalaska to Palestine Grace

Benny Reynolds from unappointed to Brock Chapel/Hawkins, Center/Mineola, Johnson Chapel

Kristen Rockwell from Tool/Cedar Creek Lake to Trinidad/Tool/Cedar Creek Lake

Sadie Brink from Silsbee to TJC Wesley Foundation

Greg Morgan from Williams Memorial Assoc. to Tyler Pleasant Retreat

Steve Cook from unappointed to Brownsboro/Ben Wheeler

John Woody from unappointed to Tyler Swan Wood Springs

Mike Fraley from Sealy First to Hawkins First

Chris Bynum from Eustace to Eustace/Payne Springs

Jarrod Grosse from out of conference to Murchison/Brownsboro New Hope

Mike Fraley from Sealy First to Hawkins First

Rodger Garbs from Huntsville First to Tyler Pleasant Retreat


Brian Brooks from Hallsville First to Dickinson First

Soledad De la Cerda from unappointed to Crossroads

Jordan Czichos from Houston First to Cedar Bayou Grace Assoc.  

Peter Cammarano from Lake Jackson Chapelwood to League City

Dan Jones from unappointed to Sunset

Paul Kethley from West Columbia Columbia to Lake Jackson Chapelwood


Amy Holcomb from Katy St. Peters Assoc. to Richmond Faith Assoc.  

Maggie Wood from unappointed to Houston Memorial Drive Assoc. 

William Murphree from unappointed to Boling/Van Vleck

Jimmy Smith from Kountze/Warren to Orchard/Wallis

Pat Bell from out of conference to Sealy First

Eric Solorio from unappointed to Sugar Land Christ Assoc.

Chad McEleveen from unappointed to Katy St. Peters Assoc.   

Alex Lupo from Palestine First to Fulshear First


Vicki Wood from Murchison/Brownsboro New Hope to Winterfield

Brant Graham from Anahuac/Wallisville to Texarkana First

Richard Heyduck from Fairfield to Texarkana Hardy

Kelly Krone from Linden to Linden/Douglassville

Allison Penny from Marshall/St. Mark’s to Old Boston/Maud


Brad McKenzie from out of conference to Nacogdoches Perritte/Bonita

Roger Mobley from unappointed to Bethlehem/Corrigan, First

Shana Burell from unappointed to Mt. Enterprise

Brian Wharton from Hawkins First to Onalaska

Cameron Lasoya from Timpson/Tenaha to Timpson/Garrison

Robert Ortego from Joaquin to Tenaha/Joaquin


Jonathan Martin from unappointed to Beaumont Wesley Assoc.  

Brian Waddell from Livingston First Assoc to Silsbee

Steven Diaz from Payne Springs to Groves

Nick Moseley from unappointed to Trinity Assoc.  

Wayne Toller from unappointed to Warren

Central North

Luann Riley from unappointed to Woodlands Assoc.

Karen Tyler from Cedar Bayou Grace to Woodlands Assoc. 

David Johnson from Beaumont Trinity Assoc to Humble Lakeside 

Out of conference

Jamison Doehring from Katy St. Peters Assoc. to North Carolina Conference

Karyn Richards-Kuan from Houston St. Paul’s Assoc to Pacific Northwest Conference

Paul Richards-Kuan from Houston St. Paul’s Assoc. to Pacific Northwest Conference

Bobbie Maltas from Extension ministry to Iowa Conference

Kimberly Poer from Transitional Leave to Pacific Northwest Conference

Kevin Young from Leave of Absence to Mountain Sky Conference

Franklyn Rodriguez from Katy St. Peters Assoc to Minnesota Conference

Andy Nixon from Houston First to North Texas Conference

Andrew Payne from Houston Lakeside to Rio Texas Conference

Rich Cromwell from Retirement to Central Texas Conference


Joanne Elston from Ben Wheeler/Brownsboro to Retirement

Bonnie Cowing from Angleton Assoc. to Retirement

John Hull from Woodlands Assoc. to Retirement

Marquette Gibbs from Houston Shaw Tabernacle to retirement

Keith Broyles from Perritte Memorial to Retirement

Dan Slagle from Faithbridge to Retirement

Chris Volz from Honorable Location to Retirement

Howard Bruce from Genoa to Retirement

Mel Brinkley from Extension Ministry to Retirement

John Montgomery from Marquez to Retirement

Extension Ministry

Paul Clines from Clear Lake Assoc to Extension Ministry

Leave of Absence

Emily Everitt from Extension Ministry to Transitional Leave of Absence

Collin Taylor from Tyler Pollard to Transitional Leave of Absence

(LS) Lay Supply

(CLM) Certified Lay Minister