Appointment Announcements

One of the traditions of annual conference sessions is ‘the fixing of appointments’ by the presiding Bishop. While in days past, this was when and where pastors and churches learned about these appointments, the electronic age has taken away a lot of that suspense. However, it is still a key part of our business. The appointment year begins on July 1 and the following link is a listing of these clergy appointments that were officially set in the Sending Forth Service on June 1. 

Download the Full Appointment List - 2021-2022 (.pdf)


Bishop Scott J. Jones announces the following appointments:

July 1, 2021

Ed Robb from The Woodlands UMC to Retired

Danny Barrett from Emory UMC to Retired

Marlin Fenn from Northwest DS to Retired

Charles Anderson from Houston, Clear Lake to Northwest DS

Preston Morgan from Houston, Clear Lake Associate to Houston, Clear Lake Senior

David Banks from White Oak UMC to Emory UMC

Marty Nicholas from Sugar Land, First to Retired

Jeff McDowell from Missouri City, The Harvest to Sugar Land, First

James McMillan from Cleveland, First to Retired

Greg Smith from Brenham, First Associate to Cleveland, First

Jason Smith from Athens, First to Katy, First

Wayne Flowers from Medical Leave to Retired

Ric Walters from Wallis, First to Retired

Sherri Waters-Clem from Texarkana, Williams Memorial Associate to Retired

Dick L. White from Katy, First to Retired

Beth Chenault from Kingwood, Strawbridge Associate to Retired

Randy Branch from Orange, Wesley to Retired

Josh Lemons from Lake Jackson, Chapelwood Associate to Indiana Conference

Paul Clines from League City, Bay Harbour to Houston, Clear Lake Associate

Chris Harrison from Kingwood UMC Associate to Athens, First

Stephen Rhoads from Tyler, Pollard Memorial to League City, Bay Harbour

Sarah Odom from Tenaha UMC/Timpson UMC to Jacksonville, First Associate

Amanda Davis from Woodville UMC to Houston, First Associate

Robert Besser from Director of Center for Congregational Excellence to Director of Church Leadership

Hopie Solomon from Anderson, Yarborough Chapel/McKenzie Chapel to Retired (6/1/2021)

Thea Curry-Fuson from Pearland, First Associate to Lake Jackson, Chapelwood Associate

Jordan Czichos from Seminary to Houston, First Associate

Adam Hawks from unappointed to Sugar Land, First Associate

Katherine Scott from Tyler, St. Paul to Troup, Henry’s Chapel

Rita Sims from Brownsboro, Edom/Lindale, Mount Sylvan to returning to Retirement

Collin Taylor from Houston, Grace (Heights), to Tyler, Pollard Memorial

Kate Walker from Deer Park to Houston, Grace (Heights)

Parker Zimmerman from Katy, St. Peter’s Associate to Rio Conference

Robert Alexander from Livingston, Livingston Memorial to Retired

John Black from Alto, Cold Springs/Alto, A. Frank Smith to Deer Park

Mike Akin from Mt. Pleasant, West New Hope/Pittsburg, Reeves Chapel to Atlanta, Law’s Chapel

Kenny Carter from Boling, First/Van Vleck, First to Alvin, First Associate

Yudeisy Estrada from unappointed to Pasadena, First Associate

Mark Crim from unappointed to Huntsville, First Associate

Ron Hilton from unappointed to Houston, Bear Creek Associate

Markley Rogers from unappointed to Houston, Clear Lake Associate

Donyale Fraylon from Houston, First to Clear Lake Associate

Mark Grafenreed from Houston, Windsor Village Associate to Graduate Student Southern Methodist University

Kaylea Van Wettering from Murchison UMC/Brownsboro, New Hope to Brownsboro, Edom/Lindale, Mount Sylvan

Emigdio Rosales from Tyler, Vida Abundante to Tyler, St. Paul/Vida Abundante

Quinn Peters from Seminary to Sweeny, First

Amy Holcomb from Seminary to Katy, St. Peter’s Associate

Christie Walker from unappointed to Katy, St. Peter’s Associate

Bobby Knowles from Orchard, First to Van, Van Veck/Bowling

Sandra Allison from unappointed to Wallis, First/Orchard, First

Albert Reed from Pleasantville UMC, Houston to Retired

Vickie Keys from Ext. Min/McKinney Memorial, La Marque to Retired

Marty Vershel from Houston, First to Retired

Michael Harris from unappointed to Omaha/Naples, First

Jacob Dunn from Athens, Wesley to Frankston, Mt. Vernon UMC /Neches UMC

Aoci Elize from unappointed to St. Luke’s, Houston

Bill Laubenberg from Kosse/Reagan to Arp/New London

Sean Leick from unappointed to Port Neches, First

Vickie Wood from unappointed to Murchison UMC/Brownsboro, New Hope

Jon Thornsbury from Central Texas Conf. to Woodville UMC

Kyle Tremblay from Seminary to Kosse/Reagan

Tammy Stewart from St. Paul, Chilton to St. Paul, Chilton/Davis Chapel, Marlin/ Satin UMC

Claude Ruth from unappointed to Covenant Glen, Rosharon

Becky Love from unappointed to White Oak (LS)

Cameron Losoya from unappointed to Tenaha UMC/Timpson UMC

Jacob Torrez from unappointed to Montgomery UMC

Oscar Chambers from Houston, Sloan to Houston, West University Associate

Emily Larson from unappointed to Palestine, Grace UMC Associate

Thomas McDowell from unappointed to Jacksonville, New Community (LS)

Tyler Looney from unappointed to Lindale UMC Associate

Timothy Ross from out of conference to Alto, A. Frank Smith/ Alto, Cold Springs

Scott Catchot from Palestine, St. Paul’s to Athens, Wesley

Jacqui King from Ext. Min. - Discipleship Ministries to Retired

John Epps from unappointed to Mt. Pleasant, West New Hope/ Pittsburg, Reeves Chapel

Lillie Ferrell from Houston, Calvary/Houston, St. Andrew’s to Windsor Village Associate

Charles Monette from East Columbia, Haven Chapel to Houston, Calvary/Houston, St. Andrew’s

Marquette Gibbs from Houston, Blue Ridge to Houston, Shaw Tabernacle

Cassie Nunez from Houston, Bering to Baltimore-Washington Conference

Lee Elder from Houston, St. Mark’s Patterson & Wesley to Houston, St. Mark’s Patterson, Wesley & Sloan

Eulalio Perez from unappointed to Houston, Beneke

(LS) Lay Supply

(CLM) Certified Lay Minister